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Practical Projects for the Blacksmith


Practical Projects for the Blacksmith

Author: Ted Tucker

Practical Projects for the Blacksmith has all the information you need to learn while doing. It tells how to make a   simple and inexpensive forge, what few tools you’ll need to get started, where to get scraps of steel for your first projects. It will suggest items you can make, regardless of your skill level.

Projects include:

Meat skewer…..Tongs…..Hinges…..Nails…..Hooks…..Kitchen utensils…..Door bolts…..Harpoon…..Book holder

Trivets…..Fireplace fork…..Wall lamp…..Houseplant stand….Music stand…..Wine rack…..Belt buckle

Each project is illustrated and explained in detailed step-by-step instructions. With each new project you tackle, you’ll be practicing new blacksmithing skills. So plunge right in, with Practical Projects for the Blacksmith.