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Content that Inspired the Web

Content that Inspired the Web

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I joined SitePoint to learn more about web stuff and their PHP/MySQL tutorial was probably the first I used

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Very well written and definitely improces understanding of Python. this is a great intro. I appreciated the “Moment of Zen”s a lot too. Kuddos

This is by far the best beginners JavaScript book on the market today. I’m a Javascript instructor and this is my new classroom book.

Absolutely THE go-to book on advanced CSS techniques. Very well written. This is the book to get to bring your CSS skills to a much higher level. Excellent.

Teaching python concepts on a tiered level has helped me really understand Python at a greater level. I look forward to moving into the next insatllment and building up my knowledge.

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Our best-seller, the Principles of Beautiful Web Design is an easy-to-follow guide that will lead you through the process of creating great designs from start to finish. No prior web design experience is required.

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Stories from real people

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Taking a different path: One Team Lead’s story Giacomo S., Team Lead, London

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See how this Architect switched to UX Design Alison V., Senior UX Designer @ Acquia, Columbus

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Lessons from a Chef turned Deputy CTO Manuel S., Deputy CTO @ PaxFamilia, Brussels

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How one Developer learned to code with her disability Rosita R., Front-End Developer, Brummen