Fabbri d’Arte – Projects and Works of a National Location on Forged Iron


Fabbri d’Arte- Progetti ed opera di un percorso nazionale sul ferro forgiato (Art Fabbriers – Projects and Works of a National Location on Forged Iron)

Curator: Antonello Rizzo

“Art Fabbriers” is the title of this volume, but also the name of a national association, with numerous blacksmiths, craftsmen, and forged iron artists. The book was born from the will to make it known how beautiful, original and innovative members have been able to invent, during just five years of life of the Association of Art Fabbriers. In this book is documented, with photos and details in the foreground, only a small part of the many works realized by the 31 members of this association and includes both gates, railings, balustrades, interior and exterior furniture, monuments, sculptures, bas-reliefs. All of this is achieved by a rigorous craftsmanship of iron, stainless steel, copper and brass.


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