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LEGO Abbreviations

There are several different ways to mean LEGO. Many of those abbreviations happen to be unofficial, and others are linked to the SEGLAR Group or maybe the LEGO Enterprise. These terms have been around for a while and can be a great personal reference for any father or mother looking for a entertaining way to be able to something to their child. For example , “LEGO” stands for Leadership Education Development Opportunities. Aside from these, there are also some other common short-hand for LEGO that you may have not considered.

The acronym “AFOL” is short for Adult-Fan-of-LEGO. AFOL is another 1. A Bignette is a large LEGO creation smaller than a Diorama. A Identical copy Brand is known as a knock-off that is often more affordable than main LEGO, which is generally detested by many lovers. Bricklink is a popular website that enables users to get and sell Lego sets.

AFOL is an acronym with regards to Adult-Fan-of-LEGO. A Diorama is mostly a large PROFANO creation, while a Bignette is a small , and rectangular structure. The primary design and style center for the purpose of The LEGO Group is Billund, Denmark. The current color of PROFANO is Blay/Bley. Other well-known names include Clone Brands and the Bricklink. Yet , both of these are widely despised by the SEGLAR community, as a result of cheap price and straightforward availability of SEGLAR products.

The abbreviations intended for LEGO units may shock you. The first one is SPUA. This means Stupidly Average User of Architecture. A LEGO arranged can have anything out of a tiny home to a gigantic castle. It is just a very easy to study acronym in the event you aren’t a specialist architect. A LEGO collection is a good investment, nevertheless don’t get suckered by the asking price.