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Metall Design International 2018


The 20th issue of the yearbook series Metall Design has just been published. The series introduces metal designers and blacksmiths from around the world, focusing on their specific tastes, ways of working and design ideas.

In the 2018 edition you will find portraits of German metal designers Andreas Hafen, Alfred Bullermann, Hubertus Dünnebacke, Ulrich Schmied, Romain Schleich from Luxembourg, Linas Lesciauskas from Lithuania, Claudio Bottero from Italy, Takayoshi Komine from Japan and Hugo Naegels from Belgium.

The aim of the yearbooks is to show the diversity of the most beautiful craft in the world in pictures. The book shows an incredible variety in four-colour images on 232 pages. In the accompanying texts Metall Design 2018 addresses the different origins of the designers. It shows that customer requirements vary from country to country and from continent to continent – as do the people who are interested in the work. So, the works presented are quite different – but always fascinating again.