Introduction to Bladesmithing


By Jay Hendrickson

This notebook has been written to assist ABS apprentice bladesmith in the construction of making hand forged knives. It is a pictorial review with text outlining the American Bladesmith Societies recommended training methods that will guide the beginner, in the process of making hand forged knives. The goals and objectives are as follows: First week: Will be devoted to learning how to forge various blade styles, while also achieving balanced and appealing looking blades. The student will gain an understanding of the basic metallurgy of various and popular knife steels. There will also be strong emphasis on forge knives to shape, while emphasizing overall basic blade design concepts. Second week: Will be devoted to profiling, heat treating, tempering, grinding and finishing. Each student is encouraged to make at least one knife (approximately 10 inch blade) for testing. Question covered: Why forge – Steel, what is it? – Steel classification – UNS classification -Steel alloying elements – Forging Techniques – Heat chart – Tempering – and Finishing.

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