Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press


Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press

Author: Jim Batson

This book and drawings are designed to help you build your own 24 ton Hydraulic Forging Press. A two horsepower 220 volt single phase motor running at 1725 RPM powers a 5.5 gallon per minute “Hi-Lo” hydraulic pump. Ram force of 24 tons is applied by a 5″ diameter double acting hydraulic cylinder at 2500 psi pressure. The movement of the ram die is controlled by a 4 way, 3 position hydraulic valve. The length of the ram stroke is 8″. The maximum speed of the ram is 1.1 inches per second. The ram speed can be doubled by using a 5 horsepower electric motor running at 3600 RPM.

A section is included which will enable you to alter a Log Splitter for use as a Forging Press.

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